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Let Us Help with Waterfront Construction in Palm Beach, FL

We Can Take on Many Projects

Owning waterfront property comes with a lot of perks. In a matter of minutes, you can be on the water and enjoying your day in the sunshine. In order to make your property more accessible from the water, it’s often necessary to build structures like docks or decks. Seawalls are also needed to protect your property from storm surges, and you may want to build additional features or structures around the water to create a fun hangout space. The team at Marine Construction can complete all these projects. We have years of experience handling waterfront construction projects in Palm Beach, FL. Please reach out to us today for additional information or to request a quote for your project.

What We Do

Marine Construction has been successfully serving the marine construction needs of the local community since 1985. Over the years, we have completed countless projects for individual properties and community locations maintained by the city. We are a locally owned business that specializes in marine construction. We provide full-service solutions to create safe, convenient, and inviting waterfront spaces for families or entire communities to enjoy. Some of our top construction services include:

  • Excavation & Site Work: We can complete excavation, grading, and site work to prepare your site for your construction project. If you are building a structure that will be partially underwater, we can complete dredging to excavate the bottom and banks of the waterway to ensure it is ready for construction.
  • Foundations, Masonry Walls, & Finishing: We can construct foundations and masonry walls for your structural additions near waterways. Building projects around a lake, river, or marina require special knowledge to ensure the structure is sound. You can count on our team to do the job correctly.
  • Boat Lifts: If you own a boat and store it at your waterfront property, you need to have a proper boat lift to lift and secure your boat above the waterline. This will help to keep your boat safe from seasonal water levels and storm surges. Our team can do all the work necessary to prepare your site and install a boat lift.
  • Site Restoration: If your waterfront property has been damaged by a storm or other cause, we can complete site restoration to return it to its original state. This restoration process is usually necessary if you plan to build new structures, as the site needs to have proper conditions to ensure a stable construction process.
  • Structures & Gazebos: Do you want to create a fun hangout space in your backyard near the water? Our team can help you construct a variety of structures, including gazebos. We’ll ensure you have an inviting space where you can enjoy your access to the water.
  • Electrical & Water Service: If you’re constructing a pool house or cabana, you’ll likely want the structure to include electrical and water service. Our construction team can construct buildings with both, so you have everything you need in your new structure.
  • Decks & Docks: A dock is a necessary structure if you want to have easy access to your boat, as well as a place to tie it up for the days when you aren’t using it. Our team can construct a dock at your waterfront property and can also design and build decks along the waterway if you want a space to hang out and enjoy the water.
  • Fencing, Railing, Gates, & Entries: Our team can install fencing, railing, gates, and entries around your waterway access as well as around pools, your yard, or other areas where you want controlled access.

Contact Us for Waterfront Construction Projects

If you are planning a waterfront construction project, we are the team to complete the job. With decades of experience, you can count on us to execute your project with precision. We have a team of talented construction professionals who can help you design, plan, and build all the features you want at your waterfront property. Our team has experience handling small-scale projects for individuals as well as large-scale projects for community spaces. Please reach out to us today to get started on yours!